Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is this week, a time when people get together and eat way too much food with family that they may or may not enjoy hanging out with for prolonged periods of time. It's a day chock full of football and it's the official kick off to the holiday season. Gas stations will jack up the price of gas and a lot of people will be in the air.

Credit (minus rainbows and lollies).
If you grew up in the U.S., you learned all about the Plymouth and how badly the pilgrims were in over their head. You learned that the local Indians* helped them that first year. Supposedly they had this nice happy feast after harvest, blah blah blah. There were rainbows in the sky and everyone was full of free love and had lollipops.

Actually, that last part might be more awesome if historically accurate.

Besides these things, what is Thanksgiving really?
The nice folks at define thanksgiving as "the act of giving thanks, especially to god."

This totally explains why we're supposed to talk about what we're thankful for on Thanksgiving. Of course, we really don't need a day with this as the purpose. The Lurkdom gives thanks everyday because they're that awesome**.

I'm not a sentimental, religious, or mushy person and am the first to admit that I never give thanks on Thanksgiving. But a lot has happened in the past year on the personal side of things, so I've been saying "I'm so lucky that ___________" a lot to Hubby. This is the equivalent of me giving thanks.

I'm thankful for the following things***
  • Hubby for tons of sentimental and mushy reasons that I won't share here. Ever.
  • The Stripey & White Ones for hours of purrs and amusement. How many cats let you dress them up?
  • Coffee & chocolate because what is life without a mocha?
  • That both Hubby and I are still employed.
  • That my photo editing skills in MS Word are looking better with each pass.
  • That you guys continue to stop by for visits!

Since it is that time of year, I want to know what are you thankful for?

* I know the preferred term is Native American, but I got introduced to them as Indians and my brain is resistant to change.
** Granted it might just be "thank goodness I caught the bus," but it's still giving thanks, so it count.
*** I'm trying to keep this on the light side, which is pretty hard to do with the latent goth tendencies. If you're curious about the more serious thoughts,ask below.

_______ hit of the day: Blacklist by Bring Me The Horizon