Bring on the Love

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's question: Who are your favorite literary couples?

This should be a super-easy question. I mean, who doesn't have couples they love seeing together? Right?

The problem with this is, I'm a cynic. My normal response to love and mushiness is the eye roll and gagging. Hubby's accepted this, you can too. Because of this "limitation," finding those great literary loves is difficult. Most of the time I only like one half of them.

Vicky Austin & Adam Eddington
Books: A Ring of Endless Light, Troubling a Star
Why: Even though Vicky's in high school and Adam is so not, it's not creepy. Their relationship isn't one of those sticky sweet high school things, but more grounded in reality.

Anita Blake and Nathaniel Graison
Books: Burnt Offerings, Blue Moon, Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins, Incubus Dreams, Danse Macabre, The Harlequin, Blood Noir, Flirt
Why: What started as a real off-putting, one-sided weird fest* turned into one of the best relationships I've read in paranormal. Nathaniel is supportive and balances Anita's Type A personality in ways the other dozen men in her life** don't.

Georgia Nicolson & Dave the Laugh
Books: The entire Confessions of Georgia Nicolson series
Why: They get on awesomely. It's one of those great friendships where each of them get more silly around the other. Plus, Dave the Laugh did introduce the concept of putting the word "pants" in place of critical words in most theatrical productions***.

Lurkdom, if you could pair any two characters together, who would they be?

Housekeeping Note
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* And to be honest, lots of stuff in the later Anita books fall under the weird fest category. (Not to mention the NC-17 category.)
** Am so not kidding on the number. Like I said, it turns into a weird fest.
*** The hills are alive with the sound of "pants" is much more interesting than "music," for example.
______________ hit of the day: Step Down by The Moxy