Someone Was Asleep at the Marketing Wheel

And it wasn't me.

Like any good pet owner, I signed up for those reward things at both Petco and PetSmart. Because of this, I get mail and coupons. This works out AWESOME since the Stripey and White Ones are pretty pricey.

In case you're new*, you might not know that I'm talking about cats. They're pretty cute, and most days they actually like each other. However, they are indeed feline. They play with shakymice and meow - or more apt, yodel (The White One) and trill (The Stripey One).

So you can imagine my confusion over this most recent marketing attempt from the folks at Petco.

This flyer brings up the following questions:
  1. If I'm a cat lover, why are you showing me a semi-cute dog instead of a ball of stripey fluff?
  2. On the whole, cats do not like dogs, so why are you showing me something that angers my cats**?
  3. How does a dog fit in with a cat nutritional consult?

People, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

What's the strangest piece of marketing you received?

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* Hello, by the way. You look excited for the weekend.
** No lie. Stripey has begrudgingly accepted our upstairs neighbors dog because a door or window separates them.
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