Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone Was Asleep at the Marketing Wheel

And it wasn't me.

Like any good pet owner, I signed up for those reward things at both Petco and PetSmart. Because of this, I get mail and coupons. This works out AWESOME since the Stripey and White Ones are pretty pricey.

In case you're new*, you might not know that I'm talking about cats. They're pretty cute, and most days they actually like each other. However, they are indeed feline. They play with shakymice and meow - or more apt, yodel (The White One) and trill (The Stripey One).

So you can imagine my confusion over this most recent marketing attempt from the folks at Petco.

This flyer brings up the following questions:
  1. If I'm a cat lover, why are you showing me a semi-cute dog instead of a ball of stripey fluff?
  2. On the whole, cats do not like dogs, so why are you showing me something that angers my cats**?
  3. How does a dog fit in with a cat nutritional consult?

People, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

What's the strangest piece of marketing you received?

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* Hello, by the way. You look excited for the weekend.
** No lie. Stripey has begrudgingly accepted our upstairs neighbors dog because a door or window separates them.
________ hit of the day:Unnerving by Whitechapel


  1. LOL that's a pretty epic advertisement fail, for sure. Too funny.

  2. Ha! That totally made me laugh. :D

  3. Pretty fail - someone did indeed fall asleep at the marketing wheel! :P
    Once, I got a political party flyer in my mailbox (for the whole neighbourhood, actually)... and the party wasn't even our neighbourhood's. 0_o I can just imagine all the wasted effort on the volunteers' part.

  4. That's awesome. Very good. My favorite advertising fail was on one side was a PSA about reading and on the other side was an ad for porn.

  5. Domino's Pizza likes to send me coupons and fliers that say stuff like fast delivery etc. etc. with their phone number. I've even gotten a free delivery coupon before. When I call the number though and give them my address they're like "Sorry, we don't deliver to your neighborhood."

    Lol @ Dog on Cat flier.

    I want to see a flier for free cat food with a picture of a zebra on it or something. OR A GIRAFFE!

  6. Whoops! I wonder what was on the dog food flyer? I hope it was a parrot or a hamster.

  7. That's funny. Maybe it was too hard for them to find a cat model. Or maybe the dog is the nutritional consultant. Maybe the plan is to have dogs chase cats around the store.

  8. Things that make you go hmmm. I can't really think of the weirdest marketing I've seen. The closest would have to be when a new gym opened up across the street and it happened to be right next to the world's best BBQ restaurant! It's just odd when they both advertise their deals outside. I could either get a discount for a personal trainer, or half off a BBQ platter. Guess which one I'm going for.

  9. Bizarre. Having had cats in the past, this makes no sense to me. But there are lots of commercials which makes me scratch my head. Example, why are his and her bathtubs sexy? I mean, really?

  10. Yup, some expensive marketing team forgot to proof.

  11. The dog is definitely the consultant. It's so clear! Doesn't he just look ready to give advice to a cat. urgh!

  12. Haha, that poster's hilarious.

    As for advertising no-nos, I worked at a pizza place and our boss (an old Sicilian man and renowned bastard) made the mistake of taking responsibility for organising our newspaper ad. It advertised 1 large pizza, garlic bread, and a 2L Cock.

    We got calls from customers of course, and one in particular said, "I'd like the large pizza, but I'll pass on the cock thanks." :P

  13. I'm laughing at all the marketing SNAFUs. You made my day. All of you!

  14. LOL! Best of luck reaching 150! You'll hit it in no time, I'm sure! I'll check out the contest. :0) christy


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