Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Name the Beastie Challenge!

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's topic: Invent your own magical creature.

You mean the Wild Beezus isn't one? He's white with blue eyes and yodels with a nose that twitches like a bunny and ears reminiscent of a mouse.

Witness my photo as proof.

* waits*

Okay, since none of you believe the fuzzy picture is a magical creature, I guess I'll have to share what I have.

In my current WIP's world, I deal with magical beings, but the main ones are established beasties like golyms and chimeras. I have created something, but don't know what it should be called.

So, in addition to this being Road Trip Wednesday, this is also a contest to name the beastie.

The rules:
Read the description.
Comment with a name and leave your email address.
Contest will remain open through Friday.

The prize:
Something fun and magical, like Shrinky Dinks, perhaps*.
Credit for naming and general renown for awesomeness.

The beastie:
Small (fits in palm of hand) and bug-like. It scuttles when it walks. It has a phosphorus glow. It has little bumps for ears that are called "nodes" and are situated on the top of the head. It's friendly and makes noises that other humans find endearing (so it purrs, coos, meeps, etc.) as a survival mechanism. It's used to help hone magic for those who practice.

That's it, but hey, it's a WIP.

So, Lurkdom, what should this critter be called?

Don't forget to enter our race to 150 contest.

* As you can tell, I haven't thought the prize through, but it will be fun!
_______ hit of the day: When Everyone Forgets by ThouShaltNot


  1. This is actually really cool and cute. See, you actually created a creature! Mine is just a mashup of 2 real creates.

    How about a meep-meep?

  2. How 'bout a scuttle bug?

  3. Fun idea. Abby actually had a great way of naming her creature on her blog, so I'm going to steal that method. It reminds me of a beetle, which is in the order Coleoptera.

    So, how about a coleptra?

  4. Hmmm...Musers? They act like focusing crystals, but are actually living beings. Muse can also be defined as a guiding "light".

  5. Within the order coleoptera is the family that includes fireflies: lampyridae

    you would pronounce it lam-pier-a-dee

    I like that it gives a glowing kind of feel, but I don't think it's warm enough. This critter sounds SUPER adorable, and its name should be warm and fuzzier I think.

  6. So Kinda a cross between Yoda and a Furby but on a hermit crab scale?


    How about Illuminaughty - the real creatures behind the intent to take over the world? The sweet purrs and cooes put us in a trance like state -- of needing to know what celebrities are doing instead of noticing that the real fashion statement of power is that these darling things can peep out of the pocket of our leaders. Grin Lol the myth behind the myth?

  7. Oh and I like your - what ever the heck that thing is -------
    Oh yes Beezus is the perfect descriptive name - He is adorable!

  8. Loved the description! The word "scuttle" jumped out at me, however -- how about Scuttlie?

    And thank you for following & commenting on Paper Hangover. :)

  9. So many choices... This is going to be hard. Maybe I'll let the Wild Beezus pick a name with his paw.


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