New Feature: Things that Amuse Me

We all have those little things on the internet that crack us up; I'm no different. There's a lot out there that gets me into a giggle fit. Things that Amuse Me will be an irregular feature where I'll share these things with you.

I love new features. What can we expect?
A hodge podge of things. One day it might a link, other times it might be a paragraph explaining why I laughed like a loon during Casablanca*. No matter what, it'll be something short and sweet. It'll also probably be way more insight into my brain than you need**.

Are we getting one today?
You bet your ass you are!

Today it's all about the spoofs on the periodic table.

Like this:
Image courtesy of Shalotka at deviantart.
Or this:
Image courtesy of The Big Picture.
Or this:
Image courtesy of Woman's Day.

What fake science-y thing amuses you?

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* True story.
** But it's my blog, so there.
_______ hit of the day: Feels Like a Hammer by Dangerous Toys