Summer Excitement

As the dreary, winterish months are my most busy, the sunshiney, summery months are my most productive. The warmth energizes me and the sun stays out way past it's bedtime. There's color and sound and overall awesome*.

I'll admit it: I like the Daystar.

I also like the color yellow**.

Today's post isn't about confessions. It's all about what exciting things are on the summer front for yours truly now that Falling to Normal is going out for one more beta***.

  • New projects. I mapped out two during Weekend of Awesome and I have a few more in my brain. The first order of business though is to work on something that is purely fun.
  • Summer reads. A couple of Fridays back, I listed the books I was planning on reading this summer. Because the all had a light, summery feel, I decided I'd rock that theme as long as I'm able to****.
  • New writing techniques. My new thing is to try a new approach with each new project. I have a copy of 90 Days to Your Novel and with both WIPs out for beta, it's the perfect time to try this out.
  • Bags. I have a crocheted tote bag pattern I want to try out. Plus I have a few easy patterns for fabric bags I might give a go to.
  • Movies. There are so many coming out this summer it's ridiculous. Wizards. Super heros. Poohbear. THE ROOM.
  • A redux of Real World Cape Cod. It should be as awesome as last year.
What fantastic things are on the summer front for you?

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* We'll overlook the ice cream truck that stops daily outside the day job. For now.
** This is a recent development. My inner goth is working through the shock.
*** Tomorrow.
**** This is entirely dependent on what I have in my TBR crate.
_______ hit of the day: The Forever People by My Dying Bride