Summer Literary Recap

Lurkdom, you're officially reading post 500! *throws confetti and glitter* Because of this and the fact that math has broken my brain*, today's post will be short.

I read some fantastically awesome published books this summer**. After having such a reading slump at the start of the year, it's amazing to see how my reading picked up.

Pam raves about Ellen Hopkins and after her and a few other people talked it up enough, I caved.  Crank is cleverly written and covers a serious issue without being preachy. It's understandable why it's been banned*** in places, but you can't discount that Hopkins knows what she's doing. You can read my mini review here.

Everyone who has read Anna and the French Kiss has loved it. At first it made me think that there was Kool Aid in the water. Then I read it. There were both funny and sweet moments. The description was fantastic. Believe you me, I'll be reading it again. Soon. You can read my review here.

This was my first foray into Jennifer Echols' books and I loved it. The copy I had included The Boys Next Door and it's sequel, Endless Summer. It was the perfect kick off to my vacation at Real World Cape Cod. This will be another one I'll reread.

Toted as my favorite read for August, Shut Out totally exceeded my expectations. The characters were believable. A month later and I'm still thinking about this book. We'll overlook the fact that I'm dreading throwing it in the mail to Pam and Quita because part of me wants to reread it now. You can read my review here.

Just like I was late to the Jennifer Echols party, I'm late to the Sarah Dessen one as well. Lock and Key handled a lot of subject matter and did it with grace. Ruby's voice was great and while there were times where I felt like punching her, for the most part she was an enjoyable protagonist. Actually, the entire cast was great.

What was the best thing you read this summer? Head over to Paper Hangover and play along!

* Thank you, day job.
** I also beta read some awesome books, but that's an entirely different story.
*** Here at The Pie we believe that censorship is ridiculous. Being informed is better than being ignorant.
_________ hit of the day: Sarissas by Blackguard