Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Bold, The Tacky, The... Watermelon Wreath?

My request from yesterday has been answered.

Riz has sent me pictures from her tacky Christmas display. Riz has her display in her office cubicle and has told me that her entire office is embracing tacky this year. This is a mega win.

Riz loves the colors pink and green and loves them more if they're combined. I can't help but think of Friendly's and their Watermelon Roll every single time I see them together, but that might mean I can't get ice cream off my mind. (Given the way the pants are fitting lately, that is definitely the case.)

Despite my new math skills, Riz has made pink and green her signature colors and it's evident in her display. You can see hints of it here with her Christmas tree and flashy reindeer with removable feather ruff.

I love how Elvis is serenading the Santa from Futurama and the reindeer. The emo tree isn't digging the live Elvis Christmas special, which is totally okay because I don't think if you're truly emo you would appreciate The King anyway. (Note: if the tree was enjoying it, it's lights would be on.)

I have to admit that I did get the idea of using a tinsel wreath from Riz. She was the first to purchase one from Target and she did get Blackadder (the peacock) first as well. But I was the first of us to get the tinsel trees.

She makes the watermelon color scheme work. It's Summer. It's Christmas. It's tacky AND flashy. (With a slight disco flair because of the central ornament.) I love the lime green glitterized holly leaves the best in this arrangement; it really captures the spirit of Tacky Christmas more than the wreath.

Every time I think two colors can't be more wrong together, she proves me wrong by assembling something like this wreath. The only way it could have been even more awesome was if the wreath lit up like the tree. Don't worry Riz, there is always next year.

Riz also sent me a bonus photo and even though it was more of a "see my cat's new friend" than "put her on your blog," I'm going to do just that. I'm also declaring Piddy the Cat Purveyor of Tacky Christmas. The devil monkey ornament in front of her justifies this decision entirely. (Just don't tell the White One or the Stripey One that I said this, otherwise upheaval will ensue.)

Do you have a tacky Christmas display? Is there one in your neighborhood? LET ME KNOW!

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  1. PMSL! I think Piddy's look kinda sums it all up... definitely a LOL in the making, to the effect of, "You? Lead me into temptation? Avaunt ye, silly monkey devil!"

    *bows* Thank you for the kudos. You get full credit for introducing me to the fabulous tacky-licious Borders Xmas offerings from whence came Velma the Pink Glittery Reindeer and Emo Tree (and the temporary loan to purchase them).

    I think you touched on the other important factor in Tacky Xmas--it's not just about flash and glitter; it's also about doing it on a budget. All the new stuff on display (tree, reindeer, ornaments, lights, and wreath components) came to about $20. RoboSanta, Velvet Elvis, Uncle Deadly and the Black Beast of Aaarrrggghhh (hiding behind Blackadder) were all on-hand items.

    Yes, Virginia--YOU CAN do Tacky Xmas.

    And it's NOT Watermelon--it's psycho-billy preppie.


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