Monday, December 14, 2009

Forget the Tacky, Bring on the Flashy

I've previously hinted at my love of Christmas displays. There's something entirely awesome at the bling quality of Christmas lights.

Truth, there's something entirely awesome about the tackiness of Christmas lights.Where else are you going to find penguins holding the letters J, O, and Y in places that aren't their natural habitat? There is no other time of year where it is completely expected to kill your electric bill and put blow up creatures on your front lawn. I don't have much of a lawn otherwise I might be tempted to take out the wise men I found in a basement excursion. Of course, the landlord might not like that.

Because of the lack of lawn, and the insanity of the cats, I don't have much space for Christmas spirit. Fortunately, I have a front door. And an enclosed front porch. I'm using both to my advantage and have set up a winter wonderland on my porch.

Today, I bring you phase one - THE WREATH.

Not the best picture, but there wasn't much I could do with what I had in the greyness of yesterday and my childhood bedroom.

This is a custom made wreath that I did with an assist from my mom who, despite the arthritis, loves all things crafty. She also got the bonus of spending over two hours with me. (She thought that was the best thing ever. Clearly she doesn't love blue tinsel the way I do.)

The best thing about this wreath is how cheap it was. Everything was on discount so what should have cost me about $40 at least cost me $15.

What I love about this wreath is Penelope. She's the purple partridge on the right. She has a purple glittered head and gorgeous feathers for the rest of her. And she looks fantastic against the blue backdrop. She was also the easiest part of the whole process. A clip and she was done.

I will be sharing more of my Christmas display this week once I find the charger for my camera. In the meantime, do you have kick ass holiday decorations? I want to know. (I'll also be showcasing some others up through Christmas, or that's my goal at least.)

Comment away!


  1. I loved that you named the bird. Awesome.
    No lights this year for my house, I've got zero Christmas Spirit. I didn't even bother to put batteries in my light up wreath.

  2. I love that it is blue. Usually everything is red and green this time of year!

  3. Well, I emailed you my tacky Xmas pics. :-)

    I haven't named the black peacock, though... perhaps "Blackadder."

  4. Do I have magical Christmas displays? Oh yes...yes I do.

    Your mom is cool! I miss her LOL

  5. Miranda - I think you should be sending me your Christmas displays.


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