Never Too Late for Spring Cleaning

Dear Blog, Since it's Spring technically for a few more weeks, I figured it was time to update your look As always, this is a work in progress.  I realize I miss blogging, but as it has been since I lost my job in 2012, I find it hard to include it in my time management of the week. I need to get better at that, especially since I am publishing in the next few months. (I'll share more on that later.) I'm working on my social media strategy or pretending to when in reality I'm window shopping or on Pinterest. There's been a lot of goings on since we last chatted. Munchkin is 3 and a half. She's smart, kind, funny, sassy, and both me and Hubby are in so much trouble as she gets older. The White One and The Stripey One coexist with Munckin and while she loves Stripey, she has a love/hate relationship with The White One. I hope to keep this blog as light and as fun as it was when it was branded Slice of the Blog Pie, but I need to go with a little more professionali

A Spoliery Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

I love A Wrinkle in Time. It's one of my all-time favorite books. Yet, I never thought "I so need this to be a movie." So when the news came out one was being made, I got more than a little nervous. Credit Because of the fan contract, I went to see it over the weekend with Bestie Danielle. People I knew who saw it loved it, but the reviews in general were not good. This didn't color my opinion either way. For the first time ever I went into a movie with no preconceived notions and was just along for the ride. The movie wasn't a total aberration but it wasn't really true to canon either. There's a reason why they say "based on" and not "exact replica." Instead of a true movie reviewer style write up, I'll break this down by what they got right and was they didn't. What Was Right Charles Wallace. OMG, I loved Charles Wallace. He was precocious and adorable and slightly off just like the book version. The actor delive

Stitch Fix: A Review

Ever since having Munchkin, I've struggled with clothing. This has to do with my post-preggo body which still has all the baby weight plus more fluff in the front than before. I wore a mix of leggings, maxi skirts, oversized shirts, and maternity clothes for the first nine months post-partum. Even now seventeen months after giving birth, I still have at least four maternity tops in rotation* and will wear leggings and a hoodie any chance I get. One of the normal post-partum styles for me Despite my post-partum outfits being comfortable, I felt frumpy. A lot of my clothes didn't fit the same exact way they did pre-Munchkin since the fluff shifted to different areas which made wearing my old clothes pretty much awful. If I went clothes shopping, I'd come home with more leggings and oversized shirts. I needed to change my style to something a little more in line with how I used to dress and find things that defined me. Enter Stitch Fix . What you should know: Stitch