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Viral Zombies: 28 Reasons to Fear Men

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here . I tried thinking about what to write this week and honestly had some difficulties. I tried to think of something that would be an appropriate New Year’s theme, but what kind of New Year’s Resolutions could a zombie have? 1. Eat more brains. 2. Eat more brains. 3. Eat more brains? . . .Not very entertaining. As I struggled to think about what to write, fortunately the FX network was reading my mind. Or helping my mind to fill with thoughts of zombies! FX showed two wonderful films back to back- 28 Weeks Later and 28 Days Later . For those of you who are familiar with these films, yes, ‘Days’ does come before ‘Weeks.’ For some reason though, they aired the “sequel” first, followed by the original ‘Days.’ For those not familiar with these films... confused yet? I’m a bit confused and I own them both! Now here is the point where I should probably throw in a ****SPOILERS!!**

Funny Hats and How to Best Use Them

Now that the season has past, I can admit that I wasn't in a Christmas-y mood this year - despite the tacky holiday display. The whole thing was a hassle. The only upside of Christmas this year was my post-holiday exchange with two of my best friends. D (follower of this blog), Steph, and I have been friends for a long time and have had years of gift-giving. For anyone who buys presents for someone year after year, you know that eventually you'll hit the wall of "I have no clue what to get them that's not a gift card." Still, every post-college year, the three of us meet for lunch and exchange gifts. This year there was a debate about doing gifts. Steph and I had already discussed a cheap price limit and I repeated it in an email that read: " Steph and I were discussing a $20 cap the other day. Cap meaning limit. Unless we want to buy each other stupid hats. Which could be pretty funny." That was all it took to create our first ever stupid hat exc

Blog Spotlight: Be Nice to a Stranger

I was originally going to talk about Stripey today, but changed my mind. Be Nice to a Stranger is a project that (fellow writer and blog follower) Erinn has undertaken. The goal is to do one nice thing for a stranger for the month of December. The nice activity varies from calling the insurance company just to tell them they are doing a good job to helping pay for someone's medication. We should be nice all the time, but I'm the first to admit that I'm rather bitchy and Masshole-y instead. Reading about what Erinn's doing reminds me of my shortcomings in that department and still makes me feel a little fuzzy inside because in the month where most people forget what is meant by "the spirit of Christmas," Erinn is encapsulating it. And now through the end of the year, she's going to donate money to a charity for every comment on her blog entry . So go over to Erinn's December project and read about what she has done. There's still a couple o

My Mini Vacation

Unofficially, my vacation started on Christmas Eve. (When you work in educational software, there isn't much to do between 12/24 and 1/2.) Officially, it starts tomorrow at noon and ends the moment I wake up on January 4. And I've got plans. What are they? Besides doing a fabulous hat exchange with two good friends, writerly stuff. Like what? Revising my YA project, FALLING TO NORMAL. This was supposed to happen on December 1, but I was hijacked by my NaNoWriMo project until mid-December. (A separate entry will happen discussing that later this week.) All Hubby heard while I sat at the kitchen table over the weekend was me huffing in five minute intervals. It was just as I feared - I have to go back a version. Isn't that counter-productive? Well, yes, but sometimes you have to go backwards before you go forwards. Think of it as a weird version of Mother May I? If you forget something crucial in the game, you're sent back to the starting line. In writing, it&

Deck the Halls with Brains and Corpses!

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here . Most people don’t associate zombies with Christmas. The average person probably lumps zombies into the neat little category of all things “Halloween.” And while it is true that zombies get their biggest spotlight during the days of cider and burning leaves, let’s face it-- zombies are awesome. And they deserve to be loved throughout the year! As far as Christian holidays go, it is easy to think zombies go best with Easter and not Christmas. After all, tomorrow is the celebration of birth, not a celebration of the dead rising from the grave. Nevertheless, zombies can find a home with baby Jesus, Santa, and snowmen. Fresh on my mind is the new book It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like ZOMBIES! (A Book of Zombie Christmas Carols) by Michael P. Spradlin. Yes... it literally is a book full of popular and familiar Christmas carols rewritten to be sung when the zombie apocalypse strikes and

Even More Holiday Tack

That's right. For my final post of the day, we're seeing more of my favorite holiday - Tacky Christmas. I can see that you're very excited. That's a good thing because this post contains all things Christmas. Reindeer Trees Santa All non-Santa photos are my tacky Christmas display. Hubby is playing Santa in the photo from last year's holiday party. I'm a fan of the purple mittens that Santa is sporting. Tomorrow is Zombie Thursday. I'm hoping that Miranda will make it Christmas themed.

Penelope the Wreath: A Study

See how it's hanging askew? That's not intentional, but the side with the poinsettas is so heavy from wire that the wreath naturally hangs at an angle. I tried tying the ribbon off balance to correct it, but no such luck. It just adds to the tackiness, I tell myself. Close ups! See me in that last close up? That's me being artsy.

Holiday Wishes From Beth

My good friend Beth Fisher sent another email over a week ago. Let's see what she has to say about my brianchild this time. Subject: Happy Holidays Hello, We have been moving through the human body systems quickly.  As a result, there have been three quizzes in rapid succession.  The children have been working very hard and are visibly exhausted.  Originally, I had a quiz on the nervous and endocrine systems scheduled for Wednesday, December 16th.  In the spirit of the holidays, I have decided not to quiz on this material.  I have also decided to take the children's highest score from the three human body quizzes and count it twice in their average.  This is my gift to them in recognition of all their hard work. We will be working on a writing assignment towards the end of the week in the computer lab .  This will serve as a culminating activity for the human body unit . Happy Holidays!  B. Fisher Phantasma was upset that there was no quiz on the endocrine system,

That's My Kind of Tacky

Today's going to be a series of small posts while I complete all my Friday tasks today. There will be a theme for the day and it will continue along the tacky vein. First up! Yes, that's a cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen. Yes, it's mine. No, I did not buy it. My friends did as a birthday decoration last year. I won't go onto a soapbox about Edward, Twilight, Stefanie Meyer, or the underlying tones of abuse because it's Christmas after all. Yes, this is my front porch. I have Edward Cullen overseeing part of the middle school route. Yes, I agree that is creepy. Even though it's Edward, I call him Cedric. And you have to admit that Cedric looks smashing in his festive elf hat.

The House on Emerson Street

As a child, one of my best friends was Jenny. She lived with her mother and grandmother  a street and a half behind me. (Her back door was on a side street that ran off the street behind mine.) Her house was on the town line, making her neighbors across the street from a different town. In this town, around the corner from Jenny's house and her across-the-street neighbors, was Emerson Street. Because of one Christmas-loving resident, Emerson Street would glow in the sky like an airfield on the horizon during the holiday season. Since I was smaller than Phantasma, I would go check out the house every year.And every year, since holiday decorating technology advances, the decorations grow. Now the house, front, and back yards are a mix of old and new. Also the epitome of tack. But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't love it. There's a hidden beauty in it's tackiness because you know that they put thought to where everything will land from the Santa that pro

Tacky Reindeers

In continuation of last week's celebration of holiday tacky, I'd like to examine reindeer decorations. The reindeer has sort of become the new staple of holiday tackiness. We see it on our cars. People used to just put a wreath on the grille of their truck, but now we have the reindeer car kit. (If you click the photo, you can go and see that they are sold out for 2009, that's how popular these kits have become.) We see our pets become them. Even though, it's usually dogs that get suckered into wearing the holiday outfit, Lucky the Snowcat is the size of a small dog. That justifies him wearing antlers, right? Of course, there are those light up reindeer lawn ornaments. No photo is required for those because EVERYONE knows about them. They're like a staple of Christmas. I do have a new tacky reindeer to present. I think it will become the new holiday office chick. I give you the light fixture reindeer. He fits in any office environment and takes

Zombie Thursday: Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here . Last week’s blog became a fairly in-depth look at voodoo zombies; I was even accused of being too smart by this blog’s owner! I will admit it got pretty scientific and researchy, which is what I promised you all the week before last. This week, let’s get back to the lighter side of zombies (and I’m not talking about their ability to love or show mercy)! Every once in awhile I’m going to try and do a ‘review’ or some sort, be it zombie inspired music, zombie movies, or this week-- a zombie game! On the table this week (or actually, on the living room floor) is a card game called Zombie Fluxx . This version is one of several in the “Fluxx Family.” I first discovered Fluxx in 2005 when I was living and working in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There was this amazing store called Puzzles, Pranks, and Games which sold, well... puzzles, pranks, and games. I used to go every few wee

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Today's post was going to be about my office reindeer, but sadly there is no time. However, it's truly winter here in Boston with very cold temperatures from the Canadas on the way. What's the best way to warm up? Tea? Hot Chocolate? Sweaters? True, those all help in the warming department, but the most important thing is to wear proper outwear. I'll have Lucky the Cat illustrate. Tomorrow is Zombie Thursday. I'm hoping that Miranda will be showcasing some zombie decorations in the spirit of Christmas. Stay warm!

The Bold, The Tacky, The... Watermelon Wreath?

My request from yesterday has been answered. Riz has sent me pictures from her tacky Christmas display. Riz has her display in her office cubicle and has told me that her entire office is embracing tacky this year. This is a mega win. Riz loves the colors pink and green and loves them more if they're combined. I can't help but think of Friendly's and their Watermelon Roll every single time I see them together, but that might mean I can't get ice cream off my mind. (Given the way the pants are fitting lately, that is definitely the case.) Despite my new math skills, Riz has made pink and green her signature colors and it's evident in her display. You can see hints of it here with her Christmas tree and flashy reindeer with removable feather ruff. I love how Elvis is serenading the Santa from Futurama and the reindeer. The emo tree isn't digging the live Elvis Christmas special, which is totally okay because I don't think if you're truly emo you

Forget the Tacky, Bring on the Flashy

I've previously hinted at my love of Christmas displays . There's something entirely awesome at the bling quality of Christmas lights. Truth, there's something entirely awesome about the tackiness of Christmas lights.Where else are you going to find penguins holding the letters J, O, and Y in places that aren't their natural habitat ? There is no other time of year where it is completely expected to kill your electric bill and put blow up creatures on your front lawn. I don't have much of a lawn otherwise I might be tempted to take out the wise men I found in a basement excursion. Of course, the landlord might not like that. Because of the lack of lawn, and the insanity of the cats, I don't have much space for Christmas spirit. Fortunately, I have a front door. And an enclosed front porch. I'm using both to my advantage and have set up a winter wonderland on my porch. Today, I bring you phase one - THE WREATH. Not the best picture, but there wasn&

Hijacking Other Entries

I truly meant to do a real blog entry today, but life got in the way. So instead, I'm going to share with you what Laura posted at Combreviations . This has got to be the best waffle/zombie crossover picture ever. Like it? I do too. Laura found it on The Pancake Project. You can go read more entries over there. My 2 seconds over there was a little bit of awesome in an otherwise crap day. Just looking at this picture now is making me smile. That I'm smiling at a bloody hand waffle might be disturbing to some, but hey I grew up playing in a playground that used to test nuclear devices back in the day. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Zombie Thursday: The Power Of Voodoo

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here . It has been three weeks now, and hopefully it comes as no shock or surprise that I love zombies. I literally think and talk about zombies everyday. I always have some sort of zombie reference to make, a zombie joke, and I even wear zombie clothing. A lot of people don’t understand my fascination. I’m not even sure I understand my fascination. But one thing that always seems to either intrigue or bother people who know me is... do I really think zombies are real? I act as if they are. I talk about them as if they are real. I have escape and battle plans should a zombie outbreak occur. I even had a coworker tell me recently that I was far too intelligent to believe in the existence of zombies. How can one be too smart to believe in something? That’s like saying, “you are too smart to believe in God,” or “you’re too smart to believe in gremlins” (both of which I do). I’m not sure i

A Little Bit of Awesome

Hubby insisted that I watch this video last night. After two viewings, I knew you all had to see it too. This clip just pours on the awesome from the line about saying yes to extra mayonnaise to partying with 2 R's. I love how Jared Allen has totally embraced his mulletdom to the point of wearing a shirt that says "MULLET." Quick Mullet Education Everyone thinks that the mullet just happened in the 80s, but that's only when it became a fashion statement. It was around before that. Way before. Like, Ancient Greek before. And the mullet isn't only the hairstyle choice of rednecks. It's been loved by celebrities over the years: MacGyver Hulk Hogan Mrs. Brady Bill Ray Cyrus David Bowie Louis XIV, King of France The mullet is making a comeback, the video at top confirms it. Being a survivor of the Mrs. Brady Mullet, I don't know how I feel about the revival no matter how awesome Jared Allen paints the mullet lifestyle. Do you have any thoughts

Phantasma's Own Nemesis

This is for all of you who said I should email the teacher and get more out of this... A parent replied all on Beth's last email. She renamed it to "graded quiz and upcoming quiz." Read below... Dear Mrs Fisher, Hope you had a great weekend! Tessa and I went over her quiz over the weekend.  She and I were disappointed to see that she got a 74 %.  When we went over the info she said that she did not have some of the info as that info was given while we were in Florida over Thanksgiving week.  I just wanted to communicate with you on it to make sure that was the case and see, if possible, anything can be done. Was there any supplemental info on this quiz on the eBoard that we did not know about? Thanks for the info on the respiratory and the excretory systems.  I will send Tessa in with the Permission slip tomorrow. I would love to donate on the 16th, but I just did at the elementary school in November. Hopefully there will be another opportunity in the Sprin

Like Contests?

So do I, and I've entered one with this entry as proof. Go over to YA Highway and enter if you like the following words: Free YA Books Bookcases All you need to do is click on this link and follow the instructions. YA Highway is a very cool blog. As an aspiring YA author, I like them. You should too.

Little Phantasma Update

Just when the work day was reaching the pinnacle of slowness, my friend Beth Fisher emailed me with an update on Little Phantasma . Subject: upcoming quiz Hello parents, We are currently moving through the human body systems .  Our next quiz will be on Wednesday, December 9th .  It will cover both the respiratory and excretory systems.  Supplemental review materials have been posted on the eBoard. Permission slips have been coming in for the S B Nature Center in school field trip.  If your child has not yet returned theirs, please make sure that payment in the amount of $5.50 is included and is in the form of a check made out to Main Middle School.  The presentation will be during science class on January 11th .  This will mark the beginning of our study of the animal kingdom .  The permission slip has been posted on the eBoard in the event your child has misplaced theirs. Thank you for your support of our blood drive.  If you would like to come in as a walk in on December 1

Zombie Thursday: I know your type-- tall, dark, and dead!

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here . Hey, fellow zombie fans! I hope everyone had a great time eating some brains and turkeys last week. This week’s blog may seem like kind of a cop out, but I have to admit I have been entertaining some guests, family, friends, and starting to gear up for Christmas .  So, next week the blog will be very well researched and lengthy. But until then I will leave you with a zombie song that has been stuck in my head and has been driving me crazy! It comes from a game called ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ (see to play). In the game, the zombies are trying to attack a nice suburban home... but the household plants and shrubs have other plans! Players build an army of plants to attack the zombies and thus save the day! After beating the game, you get to see this video.  However, the creators just put it up on YouTube anyway to draw attention to the game. So, enjoy!

If Your Life is Twilight, It's Time to Get a New Life

It's not, actually. But Laura over at Combreviations posted this yesterday and I have been reading it in horror since. My Life is Twilight is a fan generated site about, you guessed it - TWILIGHT and all things that fall under it's helm. Resplendent with typos, it's pretty easy to share with the world how your life doesn't exist without this world. Before you get all pissy at my hating on this site, I'd like to point out that I have no problem with fandom. Fandom is a right of passage as a teen and most of us carry it well into adulthood. I'm a fangirl of all things Dark Tower, for example. I was also a card carrying Aerosmith die hard until I tore up my contract . I know how it is to argue over the finer points of a good book and which character is the best. My friend Danielle and I have spent more than one all nighter arguing over The Vampire Chronicles. We've debated over whether or not Stephen King really needed to add that last bit in Dark Tower

Sick? Then Don't...

The last week has been filled with little sick bugs. Hubby was sick and once he came home from his business trip, I got it exactly three days later. And on Hubby's birthday no less. I'm on the mend, but it's slow. I'm an impatient sick person. Unless I'm on death's door, I bitch and complain and will announce repeatedly that I don't feel well. While sick I've learned that there are some things that I just shouldn't do. Socialize. This should be the topmost thing not to do for anyone who is sick. Not only can you spread your germs to everyone else, but in my case, you end up talking nonsense. I'd cite an example, but I was so out of it at dinner on Sunday, I don't even remember what I said. To anyone. Laundry. Since I was home sick on Monday, Hubby asked me to do some laundry for his business trip. Normally I sort. And check pockets. And all sorts of laundry-ish things. Not Monday. I threw it all in one load and when I noticed that t