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A Spoliery Wrinkle in Time Movie Review

I love A Wrinkle in Time. It's one of my all-time favorite books. Yet, I never thought "I so need this to be a movie." So when the news came out one was being made, I got more than a little nervous. Credit Because of the fan contract, I went to see it over the weekend with Bestie Danielle. People I knew who saw it loved it, but the reviews in general were not good. This didn't color my opinion either way. For the first time ever I went into a movie with no preconceived notions and was just along for the ride. The movie wasn't a total aberration but it wasn't really true to canon either. There's a reason why they say "based on" and not "exact replica." Instead of a true movie reviewer style write up, I'll break this down by what they got right and was they didn't. What Was Right Charles Wallace. OMG, I loved Charles Wallace. He was precocious and adorable and slightly off just like the book version. The actor delive

Stitch Fix: A Review

Ever since having Munchkin, I've struggled with clothing. This has to do with my post-preggo body which still has all the baby weight plus more fluff in the front than before. I wore a mix of leggings, maxi skirts, oversized shirts, and maternity clothes for the first nine months post-partum. Even now seventeen months after giving birth, I still have at least four maternity tops in rotation* and will wear leggings and a hoodie any chance I get. One of the normal post-partum styles for me Despite my post-partum outfits being comfortable, I felt frumpy. A lot of my clothes didn't fit the same exact way they did pre-Munchkin since the fluff shifted to different areas which made wearing my old clothes pretty much awful. If I went clothes shopping, I'd come home with more leggings and oversized shirts. I needed to change my style to something a little more in line with how I used to dress and find things that defined me. Enter Stitch Fix . What you should know: Stitch

Things I Knew Before I Dyed My Hair a Non-Traditional Color

Lately I've been in sort of a rut. And what do you do when you're in a rut? You want to shake things up, of course. Now, I'm not the type who likes to shake things up or do anything impulsive* so I thought this through. I kept going back to my hair. I wanted to do something drastic to my hair. Ready to plunge in But what could I do? My day job is in a corporate environment so whatever I did had to work there. This really limited what I could do. I could do an edgy, professional cut but I'm someone who considers a messy bun as the height of hairstyle and the less product, the better. And I hate having short hair so that also limited what could be done. So a hair cut was out. That led me to color. I've been coloring my hair for years in the auburn and red zone for the most part but I wanted a funky color. Without bleaching my hair. I did some research and found the Splat Midnight series. It's technicolor hair dye for brunettes who just don't want to