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My One Word for 2017

The Lurkdom knows how much I'm anti-resolution and am more about goals. Being a new mom hasn't changed this, if anything I'm more pro-goal than before. Historically, I always fall short on what I want to achieve. That's why this year, I'm working a new angle. A lot of people are already on board the one word for the year bandwagon, but I'm new to it*. If you're new to it too, you can read about it here . (Disclaimer: I ignore all the happy-fuzzy God things for reasons that I will not get into here.) Credit This year's word? STRIVE. With all the changes in my life, this word is appropriate. It's a kind word, but filled with potential at the same time. I'll strive to be less anxious; I'll strive to eat better; I'll strive not to relate everything back to my daughter or cats. These are just examples because I should be striving in all things**. If what I'm reaching for is attained, great. If not, I don't need to be hard on

Welcome to 2017!!

Dear Blog, I know it's been almost a year since I've been here and I'm sorry but life got in the way. I know, I know. You're going to say "that's not an excuse" but it is and it's real. Things that happened in 2016: the day job changed I became a mom But I miss you and hope to make time for you this year. Kissy kissy, Alicia