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A Case of the Mondays...

I can tell it's Monday because I can't put my fingers on the correct keys on this here laptop. The home keys don't exist for my fingers. I was back at the florist I PT at for the first time in a week and my boss decided that I was going to work on some pricey arrangement. Amazingly, I did well. But Monday struck there too. It took me way too long to design a $35 basket and I left my scene notebook for my next novel on the workbench. It's bad because I need to finish that scene soon. Like, tonight soon. I hope I can relock the shop door with no problem. It's an older door and wicked problematic. So, without the all important scene notebook and my newly acquired free time, I decided to begin agent searching. Then, I realized - I have no clue how to organize myself for this. If this was Tuesday, I'm sure I'd have a better grasp.

Hat's Off

I went to Shana's graduation party today and saw her first the first time and a year and a half. Just wanted to do a public congrats on her completing her PhD. It's a mammoth accomplishment. Congrats Dr. Shana!


With the exception of a few bathroom runs, I have been sitting working on line edits for six hours. I never knew how exhausting it is to sit down and not move. But it wasn't in vain since I achieved so much today. All the line edits and feedback I had received and reviewed this week has been incorporated into the manuscript. Hell, I even changed the book title with a little help from hubby. I was quite fond of Trials and Tribulations, but I was told it wouldn't resonate with the YA crowd and she was right. It's taken me four months to find a title that sat well with me. FALLING TO NORMAL is the new shiny title. The new title solved a lot of problems. Since I was pulling a lot of things out of my youth, including the town, things were getting tricky. We changed the town, gave it a nickname, and a lot of character names were no longer questionable or identifiable. Victory is mine. *insert evil laugh here* I finally gotten around to opening the Twin Peaks complete series DV


I've spent the past three days going over revisions of my completed manuscript. In the past three months the "phone book" has gone through about ten rounds of revisions. I'm more than ready to shuffle this thing off. I understand that revision is part of all processes: writing, business, cows (not really, I just needed a third thing), but it sucks. Royally. Really. I'm not kidding. During the final stage of working on this book, I've learned the following things: I hate hard-core editing. I have a fear of completion. I work best when someone's cracking a whip in my general direction. My cats are the best form of distraction ever.