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Introducing Things I Haven't Told You

The art of the daily blog has pretty much slipped away, at least for me. The scant time I have between the day job and raising Munckin* I use to focus on writing. It only makes sense. What good is an audience if you don't have a book? Of course, the same can be said for the other side of the coin. But I haven't forgotten about you, Lurkdom. Honest. I'm working real hard on trying to get it all figured out. So to help myself with this, I'm introducing a new feature. It's called Things I Haven't Told You. What in the Sam Hill are you planning? Well, it's not that hard to figure out. We've been in a relationship for nine years. There are things I haven't shared with you that I believe will entertain you. Perhaps even resonate with you. And what is blogging if not about connections?** Okay, Miss Smarty Pants. What haven't you told me? Glad you asked. I've talked about SFLN on here a few times. During those mentions, the word "mime