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Loving Winter?

Welcome to snowstorm 4,321,987 of the year! I bet you're ready for some summer now, huh? Don't worry, you're not alone in this. Here's the bad news: We have several more weeks of our current situation. If that true fact has you considering bodily harm, let me point out again you're not alone. I was over winter after the first storm. That's why I started listing things I like about winter. It's on Twitter and I try to post one thing a day. All of my tweets are dead-serious, no sarcasm. So far, I've shared: - snowmen with real scarves - The Stripey One snuggles a lot more - the way snow clings to conifers after a hearty snowfall - sunlight on freshly fallen snow - small dogs in sweaters, Corgis in particular - brightly colored winter scarves and hats I'll share one new thing per day until warmer times hit. If you want to join in, use the hash tag #winterlove.

Know Yourself for Better Efficiency

For the last month, I've been slogging through first round revisions for my self-dubbed "light and fun" YA contemporary, and it's been hell. The revision process has been so bad I recently had a weekend-long panic attack. While I'm known to tweet/FB things like "Revisions. Grrr...," I'm not opposed to the process. It's an accepted fact of the writer life. So the fact I struggled for breath just thinking about my WIP caused even more anxiety. I didn't think too much into the why of it all but over the last few days I've come to the conclusion that most of my recent tweaking is due to unrealistic expectations I set for myself. Despite what I said publicly , internally I kept my goal of revising this project in 31 days while working the day job and querying and handling life. The truth is, I couldn't. No matter how much I wanted it, I'm a 2-4 month revision girl. Because I set down something I couldn't realistically achieve,