Personal Email for Work Purposes: A Tale of Mis-sent Emails

About a year ago, I worked part-time as a customer service representative where I now am full-time. Even though I'm full-time, I'm still a temp. If you've been a temp at a big company, you know that things have a way of not always working. This thing in particular was my email. HR had forgotten to approve my extension so my email had been locked out.

Of course, I was still working at the office, and I needed to email. The workaround was to use my personal email address. (This address doesn't have my name in the handle and was created back when I still kept my Aerosmith fan contract in my back pocket, so you can imagine that had a definite non-professional angle.) Regardless of how collegiate-centric my address was, my name did show up in the 'From' field and the email was sent.


Starting this September, I started getting emails with really vague subject headings like 'Open House' from a name I sort of recognized, but not really. Let's say the name is Beth Fisher (so not close). The subject matter contains things like 'school,' 'your child,' and 'conferences.' It dawns on me two weeks ago that Beth Fisher thinks I'm a parent. Beth Fisher is now stalking me because I've received 3 emails in the past week. 

After some consideration, I'm not stopping the communication, because I'm fascinated to learn what my phantom child will be learning over the course of the year.

Curious about what Little Phantasma is learning so far?

I bet you are.

Email 1: Second Quarter
Second quarter began today. We will be studying the systems of the human body for approximately one month followed by classification and the animal kingdom. Our first body system is the circulatory system. The quiz is scheduled for Wednesday. Review materials have been posted on my eBoard as well as new textbook reference pages.

Sixth graders will be attending an assembly on November 24th presented by representatives from the Blood Center. They will provide your child with information relating to our upcoming Blood drive. This event was planned with our science curriculum in mind. Children will bring home sign up sheets for friends and relatives interested in making an appointment to come in to donate blood. A few children will be selected to come in to assist during the evening event.

We will be having a naturalist from S B Nature Center visit our classes on January 11th. They will bring representative animals from many of the groups we will be learning about. Permission slips will be distributed right after the Thanksgiving break and will be due by December 18th. A copy will be posted on the eBoard in the event the original given to your child mysteriously disappears. Warm regards, B. Fisher
Email 2: Upcoming Quiz
The circulatory system quiz is being returned today and will require a parent signature.  Our next quiz, which covers the digestive system, will be on Tuesday, December 1st.  Please encourage your child to study a bit during the Thanksgiving break.

Tomorrow we will have our Little Doctors Blood Drive assembly during period four.  Your child will be bring home a sign up sheet for family and friends to make an appointment to come donate on 16th between 2:00 and 7:30 PM in the new gym.  Please ask them about it.  Warm regards, B. Fisher

Email 3: Testing Modification
I have been involved in discussion with several other science six teachers.  We have decided that, in light of the facts,  a) there is a four day break right before our next quiz and b) several classes have missed one or more recent classes due to assembly programs, we will make the following accommodation:

All children will be allowed to bring one standard sized index card (3" by 5") with hand written notes on it (front and back is fine) to the test with them.  They will be permitted to use this "helpful card" during the exam.

I have index cards here if you don't have any available.

I hope this eases some of the stress and allows everyone to enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Warm regards, B. Fisher

I've read all these emails and am amazed at how much more communication is available now than when I was Little Phantasma's age.

Of course, my mother didn't have any problem communicating with my teachers since my mother stalked my public education career through 8th grade. (General note: working in the middle school where your daughter is a student = super-awesome way to put her in with the 'cool' crowd.)

Even though tomorrow is the start of a long weekend, you best be sure that Phantasma will be studying for her digestive system quiz. The Stripey and White Ones can help her. Stripey loves sitting on index cards.