Blog Spotlight: Combreviations

Work is pouring around my ears and I have never spent so much time in MS Word while not working on my writing. That said, today's blog spotlight is Combreviations.

The blurb on the side explains combreviations as
what happens when you talk too fast (and too often) and force evolve English by combining words to abbreviate. Combreviations are dogs, bred to be likable, useful, and friendly, while most words come out of the natural selection of English. Sure, they may not be the fittest, but damn if everyone doesn't love them.

Combreviations is an awesome blog for the following reasons:

  1. There are multiple entries a day.
  2. The entries are funny, short, and smart.
  3. Blogger, Laura, is pretty kick ass.


  4. It introduced me to the waffle iron cookie.