Phantasma Update Now with Bonus Material

Just when I was panicking about getting photos ready for today's post, Beth sent another email. For all newcomers, you can learn about the birth of Beth and Phantasma here and follow it all here.

As predicted, Phantasma left a horse on Tessa Wolstein's desk. Also, as predicted, Tessa ratted my child out to her mother. This left me with an annoyingly painful conversation with the uber-perky Tara Wolstein where my daughter is the devil and I'm a crap parent. (So not.)

Anyway. Beth emailed twice, but not about the Tessa-Phantasma feud.

Subject: upcoming quiz
Hi parents,

Just a quick note to let you know that we will be having our animal kingdom quiz on Friday, February 12th.  The format of this particular quiz will be all multiple choice.  I've attached a review sheet that your child can begin now.  We have not yet covered birds or mammals.  Warm regards, B. Fisher

Subject: additional review
Hi parents,

I've attached additional review material for your children to use in order to prepare for next week's quiz.

Our team fundraiser will take place next Wednesday and Thursday.  Please help support Good Friends by having your children purchase a duck or horse.  They're only a dollar each.  Thank you in advance to all parents who are generously donating their time to assist us with this sale during lunch periods.  Warm regards, B. Fisher
Did you notice that for the fundraiser Beth included the selling of horses? That's my girl!

Happy Friday everyone.