Jeopardy Review

The quiz that was scheduled for last Friday was postponed to this Friday. Phantasma's classmates are struggling with the animal kingdom, even with the extra study aids that Beth sent out. I'd be lying if I said Phantasma understood everything - she didn't. She had problems finishing the study sheets and blamed the cat. (Quite possible it was either The Stripey One's or The White One's fault. They do love sitting on the one thing you're working on.)

Subject: Jeopardy Review
Hello parents,

I hope you are all enjoying the snow.  I just wanted to let you know that I've posted a Jeopardy review game on the animal kingdom on my eBoard.  The quiz will still take place on Friday as scheduled.  Warm regards, B. Fisher

For the record, Beth, I'm not enjoying the snow. I broke up with winter. (However, it was very pretty on the trees this morning.)

I haven't looked at the review game yet. It should be fun, even if there isn't any Sean Connery.