Rear Gear - Newest Trend in Pet Fashion?

Danielle, purveyor of all weird internet findings, sent me this Etsy link for butt covers yesterday. And all I can say is. What. The. Hell.

As the servant owner of two cats - both of whom like to stick their ass in my face - I understand that the butt is not attractive. There's the hole and sometimes... residue. In some cases, it can be toxic. (As is the case with Stripey and her anal glands.) I totally understand the want to ignore it's existence.


This goes beyond unnecessary. Just like Everyone Poops, everyone (and thing) has an asshole. People are the ones with shame on that front, not some unsuspecting pet. It looks stupid. My cat's tail is not a rear view mirror, nor is it's ass a windshield. And what happens when the animal has to go? The creator has nothing explaining that on their page. They might assume that it falls to the side and will never touch any waste. Right.

The most frightening thing is that at least one of them is sold out.