Ritual: Why We're All a Little OCD

After years of needing to lock the old school lock that secures my parents' front door, I can't leave my apartment with a sound mind unless I have my hand wrapped around my apartment keys. Sometimes, I even need to gaze upon them to leave the apartment perimeter.

This is my constant indulgent OCD moment.

Wikipedia goes into a lot of detail about ritual including religion and law. (Yes, I was surprised about law too.)

Ritual is funny because so much of our day-to-day consists of it, but we don't even realize it. Every morning, I have a pecking order to start my day:
  1. Hit the snooze button 3 times.
  2. Let The White One into his favorite room ever - the bathroom.
  3. Put kibble in cat bowl.
  4. Get ready (dressed, washed, brushed).
  5. Throw lunch in bag.
The White One even has a morning routine:
  1. Yodel.
  2. Grumble.
  3. Make sure favorite room ever hasn't changed since previous evening.
  4. Narf on kibble.
  5. Chase tail.
Superstitious folks are OCD* to the nines. Have you thrown salt over your shoulder if you spilled it? Knocked on wood? Avoided black cats? Dread Friday the 13th?

Superstition breeds ritual.

What rituals do you have?

*Disclaimer: I'm aware that OCD is a real condition and that in some cases very bad. This entry in no way is degrading people who truly suffer from OCD.