Beth & Phantasma Week, Day 1

Subject: student volunteers needed for science fair/fundraiser information
Hello parents,

Hopefully all will be back to normal as of tomorrow.

We will be needing a few student volunteers to assist with some of the interactive tables at the science fair this year. Children would be needed beginning approximately six PM on Thursday, March 11th. If your child is interested please let me know as soon as possible so that I can forward their name to our lead teacher.

Our fundraiser for Good Friends is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Due to the snow days, we have no parent volunteers scheduled for periods 6,7, or 8th periods.  If you are available and can come help out, please contact me or Mr. Johnson. 

Warm regards, B. Fisher

When I got this email from Beth, I talked with Phantasma about helping out at the science fair. We never had them in school, and if we did, I must've been sleeping. Anyway, Phantasma wasn't interested in helping out with the science fair.

Her reasoning? "It's like being a magician's assistant."

I don't understand either, but she refused to change her mind. She also argued that I didn't volunteer with the Good Friends fundraiser. Since I work all day, it's hard to volunteer during the school hours. She wasn't buying it.

"Mom, I'll make a deal: you volunteer for the next parent thing, and I'll volunteer at the next magician thing."

The next parent thing's easy. It's bringing stuff in. Alicia, 1. Phantasma, 0.