Habit, Ritual's Less Superstitious Cousin

In last Tuesday's comments, Robert asked if picking certain mugs for specific projects would be considered superstition or habit.

My answer? Habit.

Little Phantasma has problems with her narrative voice whenever it rains. One day, she discovered that if she plays Bjork whenever she suffers from this, she can push through her narrative without too much tweaking later on. Now, whenever it rains, Bjork is played at eleven.

What started out as a way to cope with something turned into a lifestyle choice.

Ritual eventually gives way to habit, but they pretty much go hand-in-hand. It's a simplistic form of learning when reacting to a certain stimuli. And if responding to X by doing Y is the easiest thing, why would try Z? Of course, not all habits come from superstition. I can't explain why I have to fall asleep on my left side, but I do.

What's fascinating is that everyone has them, and we all have at least one "quirk." One of mine is that all my first drafts need to be written in blue.

What quirky habits do you have?