Today's entry will be very short. I will blame this on my woozy head and will hopefully delve deeper at another time.

Last night, while editing, I finished watching the 6th season of Highlander. Alone, this doesn't sound exciting, but I've watched all 6 seasons back-to-back much like I did with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and will do with The Greatest American Hero. There's a couple of Highlander movies that need watching before I progress to the next bout of TV DVDs.

I've got to say it: the season finale left me totally unsatisfied. In fact, the entire last season did. Out of the 13 episodes, only 3 have any continuity. The first two follow the finale of season 5 and the final episode piggybacks the one before. There are 6 episodes that focus around guest Immortals, most of who we never see or mention. Ever. (This was in hopes of launching Highlander: The Raven)

Fail, Highlander writing staff, fail.

There were somethings that were enjoyable about Season 6, but more in the heckle vein. My favorite? The opening sequence.