How I'd Spend $160

Remember the diatribe about Aerosmith and my fan contract? Two weeks ago Dom Lawson at Metal Hammer blogged about Aerosmith's upcoming UK shows and the insane ticket prices.

This guy is my new best friend because he says what I've been thinking for years.

106 pounds is about 160 in American dollars. So if you and your significant other were going, that's $320 just for going to the show.

Why this bothers me
Aerosmith doesn't make it to the UK very often and from what I remember they have a rabid fan base over there. How shitty is it to make it that expensive just because you can? Yes, I know it's not all the band's doing, that part of it is the promoter and/or venue.


There are other ways to spend $160 and much more out of it. I'm not talking the practical-it's-a-week's-worth-of-groceries way, but a fun way.

Fun ways to blow $160
  • Plaster Fun Time for you and three friends. You can use the leftover cash for a pizza and coke.
  • Movie marathon with someone special at your local theatre.
  • A spa day for you
  • A plane ticket somewhere
  • Dinner and a pub crawl
What fun ways would you use $160?