Lab Notebook for Phantasma

Subject: Lab notebook pages 16 and 17
Hello parents,

We have been very busy making observations of our organisms for our aquarium and terrarium.  Pages 16 and 17 of the lab notebook along with a page of questions to be distributed tomorrow will be collected on Monday and graded as a lab.  This is a requirement for all students even if they were absent yesterday or today.

There is an organism database on sciweb your children can refer to if they did not complete the material in class.  All children were given a hard copy of the instructions for accessing the site in class today.  If they were out for the play or other reason, a copy was placed in the absentee folder for them.  As a reminder, school will be closed on Friday.  B. Fischer

Tasma is loving this unit. She likes watching snails in the terrarium do their snail like things. She's already panicking about it ending, even though the fish and snails will stay in the classroom. (I guess she gets her anxiety over silly things from me.) If we're able to, we'll get her a hermit crab this summer. Hopefully she'll like it and not get freaked out by it like the time we bought one for the sister-in-law.

I think I'll also talk to Beth about taking one of the snails home for the summer. Then we can video the crab and snail like this guy.