Phantasma's New Science Unit

Looks like Phantasma will be busy the next couple of weeks. 
On March 1st we began a new program at the middle school.  The module is on Populations and Ecosystems.  Through hands on investigations, the children will learn about ecology.  Early next week we will study small populations of milkweed bugs.  To learn more and for some great resources as we move through the program, go to log on to the FOS* website  Click on middle school and then Populations and ecosystems.  There is a student area that includes a complete course glossary among other useful things.  There is also a course summary available using the parent link.  Enjoy the rest of the day.  Warm regards, B. Fisher
Fortunate for Phantasma, I know a thing or two about populations and ecosystems. I know about the food chain and food webs. And I know a program that creates those too.

I realize that most of Phantasma's updates involve Science, but that's all that Beth sends. If someone wants to volunteer up some emails for Phantasma's other subjects, please let me know.

*Not the actual website.