Bring Forth the Fangirl Gushing

With my editing/ revising deadline encroaching upon my life and the world's most soul-destroying data entry project nipping at my brain, I have no true blog post today.

Instead, I'm offering up an interview I just watched through ArtistDirect. You'll have to click through to watch it and I have to tell you that the language is definitely NSFW unless you have headphones. But, click here and scroll down to the interview. Then come back.

I'll wait. I swear.


Welcome back!

It's not music you would listen to, I know. But sometimes you need something loud and angry to get your frustrations out. If you sometimes feel that need, you should probably pick this out when it comes out. (Which is August, according to rumor.)

Reasons I'm Excited for this Album
  1. Murderdolls has Wednesday 13, aka fangirl crush number 1.
  2. The original CD didn't leave my CD player for six months.
  3. The original songs were written by Wednesday 13 & Joey Jordison when they were 18, so like 14 years later, the songs will be 14 times as good.
  4. There will be a tour.
  5. My internal 16 year old loves angry music.

____ hit of the day: Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice (Yeah, I'm shocked too.)