Blog Spotlight: Run for Grub

In Boston, there's a writing community called Grub Street. I've been taking seminars and classes through them since 2000/2001. Most recently, I attended the Muse & the Marketplace conference this year and had a pretty kick ass experience.

Needless to say, this place has helped lots of writers for lots of years.

But it's a non-profit, and like all non-profits, they're usually strapped for cash. This year fellow Grubbie, Catherine Elcik, is doing some fundraising. She's currently in training for her first marathon where all proceeds will go to a scholarship for people new to Grub Street.

In her blog, Catherine gives training updates and interviews other Grub Street members on how Grub Street has impacted them. I'm learning a bunch about running (which I'd never find out on my own) and I'm learning about other people who belong to the same writing community I do. Overall, it's very neat.

You can read all about Catherine's experiences and learn more about what Grub Street is and means here.