Creepiest Place in the World?

In my town, we have two malls across the street from each other. Neither are impressive, but one does have the DMV, so I guess that's useful. The other has Dunkin, which is necessary. So necessary, that I'm there every work day. (Except during our boil alert.)

The Dunkin in the mall opens at 6, which is uber convenient since I try to be at work by 7 most days. The mall shops, however, don't open until 10ish. This means 4 hours of silent mall creepiness. I'm rating this right up with abandoned carnival creepiness.

Speed Boat Tigger
Two and a half shops away from Dunkin is a few kid rides that used to be outside supermarkets and a few department stores when I was little.

One of them is Tigger. He sits in a speedboat that you steer and keeps his pinned out expression on you the entire time. Right behind the steering wheel, a light blinks illuminating him campfire ghost story style.

Why It's Scary
First off, anything is scary in the tomb of an unpopulated mall.

It's Tigger. No matter how much I like him (and I do), he's high on something. I wouldn't trust him that close to the steering wheel. Would you?

_______ hit of the day: Echoes of Silence by Ikon