Literary Tats

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My current tattoo wards off sneak attacks

I'll get it out there right now: I have a tramp stamp. I got it before the term "tramp stamp" became popular. 

It's a Wedjat eye done in black and I got it on vacation in England about ten years ago, which is a different, wine-buzzed story.

Lately I've been thinking about another one. By lately, I mean six years. (You do need time to consider these permanent things.) It took me ten years to figure out my first tattoo, so it'll probably take just as long for Tat the Second.

Just in time, maybe, for my book to be picked up.

In honor of that, I'll get a second tattoo and keep with the Egyptian theme because I've been fascinated with their art work since I was five and went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The lines are clean. Bold. Simplistic. 

In other words, awesome.

Potential Tattoo Candidates

Egyptian God of Writing
He's the scribe of the gods. He's also the god of wisdom. He also has a very neat head.

I have a statue of him doing the scribe thing at home. When my desk isn't a total disaster, he sits on it. Right now, he's hiding among David Eddings and Harry Potter. Coincidence a scribe is sitting with books? Hmmm.

If I got Thoth, I'm not sure where he would go. Maybe on my ribcage. Maybe not. There's not many places you can stick a deity.

The other sun god.

Let me lend a hand.

He created a lot of conspiracy when a pharaoh named Akenaten decided Egypt should go all monotheistic. All portrayals of him make him sort of look like a cross between Jafar and Prince. Not that those have anything to do with him wanting Egypt to worship a disc. (Side note, Akenaten is the dad of King Tut.)

If I got Aten, it should go on my upper back so sun can get into the eye.

For those considering a tattoo: think long and hard before you get inked. What do you want? Where do you want it? How big? Whatever you decided, make sure you can say the same thing a year from now, ten years from now. You don't want to end up like the lady with the Twilight tattoo on Amanda's blog, do you?

For some real literary tattoos, check out Contrariwise.

Have you thought about a tattoo or do you have one? Comment below!

Bonus writerly question: do the people in your head have any?

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