Holy Anole

Because of life, I got behind reading communications from Beth, something I should never not do. If I had kept up, I wouldn't have been surprised when Tasma came home with a terrarium complete with a pair of anoles.

(For those who didn't bother to click the link, anoles are little green lizards. If you're going for a lizard, they're a great one to start with. I'm guessing because they're small and don't require a lot of room. And they like terrariums.)

Phantasma came home with them Friday. Throughout the weekend, she'd open the container and let them run around her room. Her "eek" carried through out the apartment.

Hubby and I weren't aware that the persmission slip came home, which meant that one of our signatures were forged. This I take full ownership of, as I used to forge my fathers' signature on my high school permission slips whenever I forgot them at school.

Did you say "live toy?"
So, she forgot the slip at home?
No, she must've gotten into my email and printed it out. Beth doesn't send hard copies of anything it seems.

How pissed are you?
I'm anticipating anole parts strewn over the floor. Both The Stripey and White Ones like to chase things. Live toys are their favorite type of entertainment.

How long do you give the terrarium?
I give the plants through the summer. The anoles, June.

Last.fm hit of the day: Dusk of Hallows by Corpus Delicti