Choose Your Own Adventure: The Dean

In elementary school, the Choose Your Own Adventure series was wicked popular. There was a wait list to get them out of the library. What was great about them was you got transported on some pretty awesome missions.

Now, they're starting to make a comeback with blogging. The stories don't start off with you in the jungle or on a riverboat, but stick with subjects we're all more comfortable with. Of course, once people contribute, the story unfolds in crazy ways - and makes it awesome.

So, today I'm bringing the Choose Your Own Adventure to Slice of the Blog Pie. I've started and I need you guys to keep the story going. Please tell your friends to join in as well.

The Dean

Sidney hopped off the overcrowded bus at James Square, eager for his interview. He had heard a lot about the new dean at the academy - some things over-the-top fantastic and some everyday-mundane. Despite the rumors, there was nothing concrete that Sidney could find.

This interview would be the first and it would let everyone know about what the dean was about.

Want a hand in Sidney's interview? Is the dean an alien? Only you can decide. Click below and continue the story.