Get a Move On It! Zombie-style, of course...

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

Oh my. My dead zombie-loving friends, it has been a difficult and stressful last couple of weeks. First of all, let me apologize HEAVILY for missing/not posting a Zombie Thursday blog for the first time since I started. I really had plans to, but unfortunately my work schedule did not allow it, nor did my personal life. So, a big thank you to Alicia for posting in my absence! We make a great team!

As my friends know, I have spent the last month working at transferring and moving to Chicago. I am pleased to say that I have finally succeeded and am living in the big city now! Unfortunately, moving is not the easiest or most stress-free thing in the world. In fact, I'm slowly learning that the hardest part is just beginning-- learning my way around, having to save more and spend *way* less, unpacking, cleaning, dealing with all the things that are wrong with my apartment that I wasn't anticipating. Top all that off with a new store to work in, one which is beyond busy and chaotic (and where I feel completely incompetent most of the time in a job that I have been doing for over three years...), and yeah, I'm not myself lately.

But one thing I'd like to pose today to you all is this-- when the zombie apocalypse strikes and you're forced to pick up and move or die (never stay in one spot, especially not your house. You won't last the night), what are three things you would take with you?

Weapons and rations are a given, so don't even bother saying those. We all know those will get thrown in the backpack, car, customized bus tank... but what three other items would you take with you? They can be personal or practical, but must be easily transportable on foot for when your car/bus tank runs out of gas and you're walking. Feel free to list reasons when necessary. But since I have the most recent experience in packing, I'll let you in on mine.

1. My dog, Mia. You might be thinking that seems kind of silly. My dog would only slow me down, be a distraction, and cloud my judgement. And you could be correct in all of those points. But think about the positives, for a moment. Dogs are natural stress relievers. Can you think of a situation or time more stressful than death and monsters around every corner or in every farmhouse? Mia would keep me grounded and give me a sense of familiarity in uncertain times. And ignoring certain recent films that could possibly suggest that zombies hunger after the flesh of animals other than humans, Mia could be a could decoy. She could walk ignored between the undead hordes to deliver food, messages, or whatever to other survivors. Oh! And I just love her.

2. My tool box. This item might seem "weaponish," and obviously in a tight situation many tools could double as makeshift weapons. But I'm talking small hand tools here-- screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, wire clippers, etc. Being on the move, you never know where you'll end up or what environment you'll find yourself in. Even a place that you thought wouldn't have any issues may, in fact, end up being pretty busted (much like I have found myself dealing with certain things in my new apartment). Being resourceful is key! The tools will help me rig up systems to tap into heat, electricity, water. I'll be able to fortify doors and windows... and who knows what else! Not only would I be prepared, but I would be the most popular person in the group. And the one thing you want to be is useful, because useful people are never used as bait.

3. A journal. A journal may not have any practical applications like the tools or my dog, but writing and documenting what is going on in your life can be very therapeutic. In a reality where everything seems unreal (or undead), journaling could help me make sense of the events going on around me and after time could even start showing some patterns to the events of the zombie uprising. And if the zombies are eventually controlled and contained... imagine the money I would make in book and movie deals for my story!!!

So... what are YOUR three things? Don't be shy now! Share with us in the comments.