Monday, Monday

Last night, I finished my revisions for FALLING TO NORMAL and I threw imaginary confetti everywhere. This week my goal is to be lazy and just read. I'm starting Tommyland, which in case you don't know, is Tommy Lee's memoir. I decided to pick it up after watching his ADHD self on Rockstar Supernova.* If the book is half as funny as watching him on TV, I'll love every second of it.

In other news, I've entered a contest for books. If you like paranormal and you like winning, why don't you go do it too? Click the pretty icon. 

I'm also hoping to catch up reading/ commenting on blogs. I've been powerscanning and writing on the fly for weeks now and I'm getting drained from it. Of course, I say this is what I'm going to do now, but the odds of something shiny distracting me these days are pretty high. Anyone want to place a bet?

And, because I love him (and he spent an hour with me dress shopping on Saturday), I'd like to direct you all to Hubby's blog. It's called "... And Me." There he tells stories about different people and things and how they have impacted him. He hasn't blogged much and I'm thinking if you all go lurk over there too, he might blog more. Plus, he's pretty funny.

Tell me: How's your Monday?

______ hit of the day: Wayfaring Stranger by Ego Likeness