Badminton is Dangerous

Vacation Week, Day Two

If you know me in real life, you'll know that I'm not athletically inclined. You can go as far as saying I'm the epitome of overweight book nerd. (I am.) I was the kid that barely passed gym since elementary school and had to wear a mouth guard because my mother instilled the irrational fear that a ball smash into my mouth causing my braces to tear my lips off.

In short, I don't do sports.

But I do love things that are "easy" like badminton or croquet. It's simple, non-contact, and danger-free. So when my mother-in-law announced she brought a badminton/ volleyball set, I got excited on the inside. I can participate and not look like a jackass. Awesome.

So we played on Tuesday night: Hubby, two of younger SIL's friends, and me. Everything was going great until I nailed it into the other yard. I retrieved and sent it back to the tallest in the group.*

When I got back into our yard, we had a man down. Hubby nailed the badminton birdie in the other friends' eye.

The adage is true: It is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.**

* For the record, this wasn't Hubby, but one of SIL's friends. His forehead could be seen over the top of the fence.
** His eye is fine.

Vacation Song of the Day: How Could She? by Type O Negative.