Four for Friday: Excitement

It's Friday, Lurkdom, and time to celebrate. Coffee is coursing through my blood and nervous system, so I'm in scramble mode to get stuff done.

Four For Friday, Looking Forward To Edition

  1. New Murderdolls. It comes out on Tuesday, but I'm listening to it now and dancing headbanging in my chair. It's fucking awesome. I can't wait for it not to leave my ears for a very long time. Fan girl crush numero uno is totally killing it.
  2. The Plot and Paper Project. Glenna is going to plot and write an entire novel by hand and is looking for people to join in. I'm totally doing it. Well, I'll do the plotting and research by hand because by the time the actual writing happens, it will be November and NaNoWriMo.
  3. Cooler Weather. Last winter I picked up crocheting and can't wait to return. My goal this year is to learn the art of sock making.
  4. Cleaning and Organization. My working surfaces both at home and the 9-5 job are disasters and prime indicators of too much going on in my brain*. I can't wait until there's enough down time to go through everything and put it all in proper places.
What are you looking forward to?

* Not to mention Hubby and I own more stuff than we have room for.
________ hit of the day: Rock N Roll is All I Got by Murderdolls (Did you really expect me to list anything else?)