Four Vamps and a Gunslinger

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you your link in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday.

Today's question: What book ending would you rewrite and why?

Argh... We've all had the experience of reading something that keeps us up for hours only to have the big letdown, aka the world's shittiest ending. Twice since I've been with Hubby I've hurled a hefty hardcover against a wall/door combo. I've been known to curse out the book endings too.

Here are my top novel beefs. [WARNING: Slight spoilers ahead.]

For a Few Demons More - Kim Harrison. I fully support offing characters, but when you knock off the most interesting one in the series, we've got a problem. There's been a few books since twice-killing Rachel's love interest and I haven't read any of them. My solution: kill off the roommate instead.

The Anita Blake Series - Laurell K Hamilton. Okay, so this one is still be written, but I still have a problem. Somewhere around book nine, LKH kinda forgot she was writing urban fantasy and jumped into porn. She started focusing more on the sex and by the time I finished reading her last book, Bullet, there was a threadbare plot. It's annoying because of how much time (and money) I've sunk into the series. The plot in the Anitaverse is more interesting than where all the bodies and their respective parts go. My solution: less sex, more storyline.

The Vampire Chronicles - Anne Rice. What originally turned me on to vampire fiction died painfully. Lestat developed a Christ complex. Let me repeat in case you didn't hear me: Lestat, the atheistic vampire, developed a Christ complex. This happened after he met the devil and went into a coma-like sleep*. My solution: stop the series at Memnoch the Devil.

The Dark Tower - Stephen King. So many bad things happen to Roland through all seven books, none of it I disagree with. For Roland's quest, the solitude is necessary. But as much as I love it, SK did jump the shark when he introduced himself as a character. Oh, and the epilogue. *raises fist angrily* Damn you SK. My solution: definitely delete the epilogue and leave it to the reader's imagination and write out the whole SK as God thing.

Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer. Besides it's part of the Twilight saga, the whole book was sloppy writing and plot execution. It went on too long and she didn't put ANYONE in danger. Oh no! Bella could die from the vamp-human hybrid. No she couldn't. You all knew that a Cullen wouldn't let that happen. There's more wrong, but I'll leave that for you, Lurkdom, to discuss in the comments.

*Coincidentally, this was around the time when Anne Rice became born again**. 

**Of course she now has denounced Catholicism again.
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