Rethink That Flu Shot!

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

Many people talk about 'when' the zombie apocalypse will occur, not 'if' the zombie apocalypse will occur. And many more theorize about how it could happen, what would cause it? I've discussed a few different scenarios that films, books, and other forms of fiction have described or have given as reasons as to how the dead can reanimate. To me, the answer is inconclusive. For now...

But, our friends over at Weekly World News (those people who introduced the world to Bat Boy) want you to know that not only could it happen, but it's happening RIGHT NOW!

Don't believe me? Or them... check out the article that appeared a few weeks ago. For those who are too lazy to click and read, I'll briefly summarize-- the "scientific dictatorship of the United States Government" (yes, I am quoting. Oh, how I wish I weren't... but I am) has been putting brain eating chemicals into the water supply down in New Mexico. This chemical can be either ingested or injected, by way of a vaccine. It is supposed to have a calming effect on individuals, but apparently what it does is eat away at a person's brain rendering them a mindless, subservient zombie. The article hints at both Night of the Living Dead zombie characteristics and voodoo zombie traits.

But the BEST, and I mean absolute greatest thing ever posted in conjunction with a "news" article, is this video from a "legitimate" radio host who speaks about the subject. The video is fairly long, and I was literally laughing out loud as I watched parts of it. If this guy was actually talking about something that is really happening right now, it might be a cause for some concern in a lot of people. Basically, he is basing his entire tirade about a vaccine that sends an engineered herpes virus into your brain that alters the chemicals that cause constant stress. The research IS real. There is a scientist that is studying this and has been doing successful trials in rats. However, they are years and years away from any sort of human trials (if ever). But this host would have you believe people are already being jabbed in the arm with needles and turned into zombie androids! Watch if you dare!

Supposing this sort of drug was actually being administered (and maybe someday it will be, or something similar to it), it would bring up some interesting scenarios and debates. We've all seen movies like 28 Days Later in which seemingly innocent scientific research about a virus led to an outbreak that turned everyone into blood thirsty cannibalistic zombie creatures. Could that world be closer than we think? Maybe. But until then, I'll read my Weekly World News with a grin and file away the "news" as being as truthful as the location of Bat Boys cave.