We've Got a Winner!

Thanks to everyone who played "Guess The Truth" yesterday. If you missed it, I listed seven things about myself and I asked the Lurkdom to guess which one was true for a random prize.

The list
  1. I've never ridden a bicycle. LIE. Even though I've never mastered riding *without* training wheels, I have ridden a bike.
  2. Whenever I find a mushroom on my plate, I hurl it across the room. LIE. While I hate mushrooms, I'll push them off onto someone else or I stick them on the edge of my plate. I don't think I've ever thrown food in my life*.
  3. My 9-5 job should have ended three and a half years ago. TRUE. My current 9-5 job started as a part-time data entry gig to help pay for my wedding. I was only supposed to be there for three weeks six months.
  4. The Stripey One was my first pet. LIE. In 2000, I won a blue-green and red beta fish. His name was Norbert.
  5. I hate giraffes. TOTAL LIE. My imaginary friends growing up was a giraffe and as an adult I think they are some of the prettiest animals.
  6. Chocolate sucks. Peanut butter chocolate sucks more. LIE. I heart chocolate and peanut butter so much I have three jars of Dark Chocolate Dreams at my disposal.
  7. I met Hubby at a strip club. LIE. Hubs and I met at the theatre we both worked at.
Congrats to Lydia for guessing correctly. Lydia, email me with your address.

 And I'm passing the torch of Creative Blogger onto...

* The exception of course was during Eclipse when in a moment of heckling glee, threw popcorn at Cedric Edward.
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