PSA Interlude: Renaissance Faire Edition

Yesterday Hubby and I went to King Richard's Faire with a few friends. KRF is the renaissance faire that happens every weekend in September and October in Massachusetts.

There are only two reasons I go.
  1. Historically inaccurate costumes, and
  2. The big cat show
(To be honest, if we didn't have half off tickets courtesy of Groupon, I probably wouldn't have gone. It's overpriced, cheesy, and you have to pay for tons of stuff once you get inside anyway.)

That out of the way, I have something to say to those in the Lurkdom who go to Ren faires and decide to dress up: please dress per the time.

In recent years, I've seen Sith lords, Obi Wan, and medieval vikings to name a few. People, it's a renaissance faire. That means if you decide to dress, you dress in things like this:
Image taken from here.

Well, maybe not that extreme, but definitely you don't get tarted up in barely there clothing or go as a modern day ninja. Commit yourself, people. Please. That means if you're going to be a "lady" maybe you should leave the Nikes at home. As progressive as Queen Elizabeth was, I can't imagine her thinking "Oooo... TRAINERS*! I MUST show these to Walsingham. He can use them to sneak when he spies!"

Which brings me to one other thing. Not everyone in the renaissance talked in a high British accent**.The renaissance happened in different parts of Europe and Russia with a bit of a time shift in each place. Remember that and spare the faux accent. Personally, I'd love to know if these two used an accent at all, not to mention what they're supposed to be. Suggestions would be welcome.

* Sneakers on the other side of the pond.
** Especially when you know that the word renaissance means "rebirth" in French. Just sayin'.
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