Writing with Jack Ketchum

While at Rock and Shock on Saturday, Hubby and I met Jack Ketchum.You might not know who this guy is. The only reason I do is because of Hubby.

From all accounts, Ketchum writes horror that borders on "graphically violent" side of things. Hubby calls it "unflinching." At any rate, it's a safe bet I'd wet my pants reading his stuff. If you want to learn more about Jack Ketchum, you can here.

You'd think if someone is that graphic in their imagination they'd be freaky in real life. That's not the case with this guy. He was down to earth, friendly, and funny. I didn't make an ass out of myself while talking, something I'm chalking up to the fact he writes and I write. He answered the questions both Hubby and I threw at him honestly.

He talked about how many drafts he goes through on short stories (two only) and on full-length works (varies per project). Each day, he edits the previous days work before he starts writing new material, so when he's done, it's not a true first draft. He talked about that one project that has kicked his ass. He talked about his beta readers, which he calls his preferred readers. Contrary to everything I've read online, he admits his girlfriend is his main reader. He trusts her to be honest and he trusts himself to pick and choose her comments.

The most important thing I got from our brief conversation was not to give up. After my doubts of last week, this was so important to hear.

What's the best writing advice you've received?

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