If I Were King of the Forest...

Every Wednesday, YA Highway asks their readership a simple question to answer on your blog. Once you answer, you link your blog in the comments for other readers to hop on board. This is Road Trip Wednesday. 

Today's question: If you were made supreme ruler of the publishing world, what would be your first ruling?

I already have plans for when I'm overlord and this would include the publishing world by default. That said, I can totally get on board with rules for each, but there isn't any need.

Rule One: You don't talk about Fight Club.

Sorry! I was referencing the wrong rule book.

*a hem*

Rule One: All chocolate is calorie free.

Oh, what? That's not a legitimate publishing rule? *points finger* I'm the overlord, not you. My word is law. Oh. It isn't? I'm just figurehead there? Doh. Hmmm... Let's try this again.

Rule One: All agencies accepting queries will send some kind of response.

Because, let's face it. It's better to hear a "no" than nothing.

That's today's RTW, but stick around for a second because I have something pressing on my mind. It's about today's blog title.

In case you didn't know, this is the title of the song the Cowardly Lion sings in The Wizard of Oz. It always bothered me because when I think "Lion," I think Africa. When I think Africa, I think The Lion King*. Neither of those images evoke "Forest."

So in the act of procrastination, I looked it up. Lions live in prairies. Asiatic lions live in the forest. Both resemble the Cowardly Lion too. Check it out.


* And has been my thought process since 1994.
Last.fm hit of the day: Build the Robots by Dr. Steel.