Blame This All on Holly Dodson...

Friday, Holly blogged about her writing Christmas wish list. This spawned comments about how we all want time. Then, this happened:

So Holly, Erinn, and I've been talking. We're going to organize a writer's retreat for our blog friends. Yes, I'm serious. No, I haven't lost my mind*.

Here's the idea:  Bunches of blogging buddies, one trip, loads of laughs and learning along the way.  Critique sessions, all-night giggle fests, whatever your heart desires from the friends you only thought existed online!  If you're interested in being included in the awesomeness, give us your name and email address below.  Alicia is going to send out an email to everyone who responds with a survey. 

We're using the survey to determine the where, when, and how so that the most people possible can be accommodated.

The three of us are super excited about the possibility of meeting all of you in person!

* Yet.
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