The Tacky

I'd like to reiterate something those new to the Lurkdom might not know: I love Tacky Christmas. I love tacky lawn ornaments*. I love all things tacky.

We got that. Why?
The simple answer is "it's awesome." There's more than that, however. When life gets too serious and in the way of more fun things, something as simple as a multi-colored decorative chicken is enjoyable.

The point of tacky is to be able to laugh and enjoy the awfulness that only human can produce. Do you need to have a sense of humor to embrace tacky? It doesn't hurt to have one, but the main thing is to be able to laugh at yourself**.

Of course, there's a downside to tacky. When tacky goes hideously bad or wrong. A prime example of this would be the dollar pregnancy test and ovulation kit. (For reals.)

There's also a fine line between "tacky" and "whimsical," and it changes on the viewer. A picture of dogs playing poker? Tacky. Fairies? Whimsical?

It's your turn. Take a look at this little guy.

Tacky or whimsical?

* Not that there's any other kind.
** This is why I have a hand-quilted chicken tote bag. It's tacky and looks ridiculous paired with my normal clothes.
________ hit of the day: Peace Pipe by Cry of Love