Zombie Christmas Gifts

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

We're just a little bit over a week away from the big day! How is your shopping going? To be honest, mine has been not good. Lack of time, lack of money, lack of ideas... yeah, I'm not looking too good.

If you're having trouble as well, today I am compiling a list of some awesome gifts that you could get for the zombie lover in your life! Because we all know that everyone loves zombies, so these gifts cannot fail on December 25th--

Build-a-Zombie Calendar! Probably one of the most popular and most bought gifts for the holidays is a calendar! Even though we all have crazy smart phones and iPads and whatever else, everyone still needs a good old fashioned calendar to put on their wall. This calendar provides twelve months of date keeping PLUS twelve paper zombie crafting projects, enough to help you build your own horde. The patterns and paper are included, but you're recipient will need scissors and glue to complete the projects.

Magnetic Zombie Poetry! For all the budding writers, lyricists, or wordsmiths on your list comes magnetic zombie poetry! I know what you're thinking... zombies don't really speak or write. They kind of just moan and groan. So how can you write a poem only using the word "brrraaaiiinnnsss?" This classy set of magnetic words seem to contain enough to make simple zombie-esque phrases like "her skin is chewy." I know I like my skin to be chewy! The set is easily combinable with other magnetic poetry sets for even more fun.

The Walking Dead-- Complete First Season! Unfortunately, your lucky zombie lover won't be able to enjoy this gift until March 2011 (hey, they can mark the date on their new zombie calendar!), but you can now pre-order the complete first season of AMC's The Walking Dead on DVD or Blu-ray. It looks like the season retails at $40 (for DVD). For only six episodes, the DVDs better be packed with tons of bonus material for that much money. But, the series is amazing, so get it for that special person in your life and enjoy a romantic weekend of watching zombies kill the living!

Last Night on Earth-- the Zombie Game! Who doesn't love having a good board game night? This game is awesome! It's a fun game of strategy and intensity, complete with the living dead! The coolest thing about this board game is that you can either play as a "hero" or as a zombie. Each hero has a back story complete with their own personal strengths and weaknesses. The game also comes with a mood music CD to help get into the spirit of the zombie apocalypse. The rules may seem complicated, but players will catch on quickly. There are several expansion packs you can purchase as well. I had a fantastic time when I played this, and I know I would love to find this one under my tree...

Lego Zombies! I'm not sure if these are actually made by Lego or if these are just customized characters made with Lego parts. Either way, they are completely awesome! I have always been a huge fan of Legos, so combining them with my love for zombies may be the best thing ever created. Just think, your favorite zombie enthusiast can stage a war on their other favorite living Lego characters. I used to have a really cool pizza parlor set... I can just imagine the unsuspecting diners getting attacked by the evil chef!

So there you have it! Several awesome gifts for that hard to shop for person. I know I would be thrilled to own any of these things (mom, if you're reading this week, *hint hint*). What are you waiting for? Don't get caught paying for express shipping-- go buy some stuff!!