Race to 150 Contest

We reached 150 followers!!! The Race and contest entry has ended! Thank you to all who followed/entered and congratulations to our winners! If you're new to 'The Pie,' stick with us-- we'll have more contests in the future! ~Alicia & Miranda

Last week we exceeded 100 followers in The Lurkdom. *throws more confetti* This is fantastic because Miranda and I have been planning a celebration for a while now.

Like what?
Besides impromptu dance parties, we're doing some giveaways. FIVE As of March EIGHT giveaways to be exact. You can win one of these fabulous prizes:
  • One of two handmade scarves by Alicia*.
  • Cupcakes of awesome by Miranda.
  • An ARC of Divergent by Veronica Roth. You can read my review here.
  • A handmade critter by blog follower Empress.
  • Cookie Prize Pack: one box of Girl Scout Cookies and a dozen homemade zombie cookies from Miranda.
  • Zombie Surival Kit: zombie survival flashcard, zombie mix cd, Amazon.com gift card, and your very own zombie.
  • Writer's Survival Kit: iTunes gift card, pens, post its, notepad, a copy of Bird by Bird, and your very own chocolate stash.

These sound awesome. How do I enter?
So glad you asked. Comment on what you would like to read about on The Pie and fill out the below form. We'll keep the contest open until we get 150 followers. Tweeting, blogging, and telling/inviting your friends to The Pie gets you bonus points!

Before I forget, thanks to everyone in The Lurkdom for your support. We do this for you.

* Hubby was going to be modeling the scarves for you, but my lack of attention span due to Captain Tripps prevented this so far.
Last.fm hit of the day: Hell Angel by Gorgeous Frankenstein