The Zombie Army has Begun!

Zombie Thursdays is a weekly feature with guest blogger, Miranda. You can read more about her here.

Hey, Zombie Thursday fans and Pie followers! Life has recently become quite crazy for me. I finished up my Repo! show and am already trying to plan the next one. I'm also in the process of moving! But, Miranda, didn't you just move not long ago? Yes. Yes, I did. But I'm moving again. I'm going to be spending the next ten days packing like a crazy person. So, for today and next week, I am debuting my paper zombie army!

You may recall my holiday zombie gift guide. On it, I listed a really cool calendar that also came with a crafting project-- foldable, glue-able paper zombies! Each month has a new zombie and a corresponding project to build that zombie. I found the calendar at Borders for 50% off after Christmas and could not resist.

For the month of January, it's the "All Business" zombie! Even though he's dead, he still has a strong work ethic. Building this paper zombie was no easy feat. The folds and sections to glue are very tiny. I chose to use a glue stick to have better control. Unfortunately, although I had more control, the holding power wasn't as strong as a more liquid type glue. However, the glue stick certainly proved to be less messy. This calendar doesn't seem like a great gift for a child... many times I started to get a bit frustrated when parts wouldn't go together. But having thin small fingers was a bonus!

So there he is, all completed! He does stand up on his own, which is very cool! However, he can be slightly unstable on his feet. But after all, he is a zombie. They are not known for their balancing skills.

Next week is the zombie nurse! And... stay tuned for our HUGE CONTEST starting next week... there's going to be a little (actually a BIG) something(s) for all our different readers in the Lurkdom!