Shiny Things

The Pie received another award*! This time KO dropped us the Blog on Fire award. It's shiny and reddish. There's no meme attached to it, so I'll acknowledge it and give you a few facts about fire before this goes onto the sidebar with the other shinies.

Fire Facts
  • In the US, there are 5 classes of fires that are based off what is actually causing the fire.
  • Boston is the home of the oldest continuously operating fire department in the US.
  • There are 1,080,000 hits about the flammability of vampires and only 323,000 about zombies.

In other news, I'm about a month away from my first ever writing retreat. The first ever Weekend of Awesome is taking place in South Carolina the first weekend of June. After the craptastic April, I definitely need a getaway to focus on writing.

Erinn and I have been working hard on the scheduling and Erinn has definitely kicked some major ass on the retreat bags. Even though we had a lot of initial interest, life and finances got in the way for most people leaving us with an intimate group of six**.

In addition to WOA, I also signed up for the New England SCBWI conference. Last year I had gone to the New Jersey one with Erinn and had a good experience, so I figured it would work to try out the one in my backyard. I signed up for a critique and tons of other stuff so keep your fingers crossed that something awesome comes out of the weekend long conference***.

What shiny things are on the horizon for you?

* I know, I'm shocked too.
** Which might be a blessing in disguise since it's our first one. Easier to work with.
*** As a general spaz, the crossing of the fingers is a huge necessity.
_______ hit of the day: Wait 'Til the Night by Truly